Steven Kremer

Armed with new-school tools and old-school sentiment, Steven Kremer has ridden a wave of success since entering the real estate industry in 2007. His advanced skills have shone through from his early days, and his attention to detail, strong work ethic, passion and charisma, achieve premium results for his clients. His experience and extensive knowledge provide him with the key attributes required of a successful sales agent in our modern marketplace. Lively and resilient, Steven uses a mature approach that puts his clients at the centre of his efforts.  

Steven embraces modern techniques and technology, with a deep appreciation of digital advertising. He has a direct and succinct approach to his work and takes pride in ensuring communication is constant and informative. He sees his role as assisting people to make confident lifestyle changes with a minimum of stress and acts as an advisor to guide clients through the buying or selling process. His passion for property and optimistic outlook drives his daily activities, and his personable nature and positive approach are powerful qualities when dealing with a diverse range of buyers and vendors.

With an in-depth understanding of what it takes to get the best possible outcome for both buyers and sellers alike, Steven takes pride in consistently going the extra mile for both his longstanding and new clients.

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